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Bradley Stoke Radio (BSR) is a community radio station operated fully by volunteers, located north of Bristol and serving the towns and villages of Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Patchway, Filton, Almondsbury and several others in South Gloucestershire and North Bristol. BSR provides a voice for local residents and acts as a media platform for local community groups, charities and schools amongst others.

BSR has an all-encompassing broadcasting policy, which offers a platform to every member of the local communities without discrimination.

The Station’s licence area covers the community of the new town development of Bradley Stoke and surrounding communities in South Gloucestershire which lie within our broadcast range, which has an ever-increasing mix of cultural and religious communities.

BSR embraces this mix and uses the power of radio to bring together the many diverse groups and individuals in a shared experience and radio broadcast. Whether people are active volunteers or just enjoy the broadcast, content is locally focused and will always give something to the volunteers and listeners and provides a rich variety of opportunity for training, social cohesion and capacity building.

Our mixture of speech based and music interest/genre shows, combined with community programmes and local news are crucial to represent our audience and volunteers and inform everyone about the Bradley Stoke area and the surrounding communities.  Our live broadcasting constitutes on average 14 hours a day and outside of these live shows we have a very eclectic music scheduler.

BSR supports live events which include schools, community projects and local authority festivals and displays. Outside broadcasts and local sporting events are also covered (in the last twelve months we have attended over 50 outside events) and we are now seen as a worthy part of many local events and community activities and are planning to build on our current presence.

BSR works closely with local community groups to provide a platform from which they can inform the community of their works, fundraising etc. The exposure we offer these groups also extends to our social media. To date we have worked with over 400 different community organisations and groups.

BSR is regulated by Ofcom and we are committed to our Key Commitments


What do our listeners say?

Darren Sims (Facebook)
Top radio run by fab volunteers, great support with my charity fundraising, thank you BSR

Kostis Tsioulakis (Google)
Friendly people, nice music.

Barry Walsh (Facebook)
I found the whole set up @ Bradley Stoke Radio very professional..

Caden Turner (Google)
I love listening to BSR because of its local and it play great songs I recommend this to you Thank you BSR

Dave Williams (Facebook)
Super content being up out by this local Community Radio Station. I have made lots of new friends whilst working at this Volunteer run venture and it is a real joy to be involved with BSR FM.

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Last Updated: 13 August 2018